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The Design Process

A process is defined as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

step 1 - ask | meet | research

It all starts with hello.

It then begins once we meet.

When the meeting is finished and we understand the problem, we leave to do our research.

step 2 - analyze | identify | define

Once our research is done we can analyze the full scope of the project.

This helps to better identify the problems.

Better identification of the problems helps us to define the best strategy, which helps to generate the best ideas.

step 3 - imagine | plan | visualize

With the best ideas in hand, we start to imagine. Imagination allows for freedom, which inspires creativity.

The best of the ideas can then be put in plans. The right plan helps to carry the rest of the process.

We then visualize, to help manifest the ideas, so we can implement them in the right way.

step 4 - create | design | develop

After visualization comes creation.

Creation often starts with sketches and mock-ups.

A good sketch or mock-up ultimately becomes a design.

We develop the design through various techniques and help it to be everything it  can be.

step 5 - test | evaluate | improve

With the best ideas developed to a final design, we test them.

This could involve prototypes, print/web materials & soft releases, depending on the design.

This helps us, and you, evaluate through real world tests.

This helps us to improve the developed design.

step 6 - decide | deliver | launch

Deciding is one of the most important, and difficult, steps of the process.
Testing and evaluating is only ever done once a decision is made to stop and move on.

Once we decide we have the perfect design, we deliver it in the standards required, and arrive at the end, the launch!

Process Examples

examples of our process in real world situations



Invention – Photography & Videography

Photography & Video We were lucky enough to work with a local Inventor who was looking for some Photographs and some Video. Due to the nature of possible proprietary rights most of the Photographs and the Video cannot be displayed at this moment. While we are able to storyboard and craft more intensive photograph shoots [...]

Awaken Healing Arts Logo Process

Here is the end result of this design process. 1 Main Awaken Healing Arts Combination Mark Logo. Awaken Healing Arts Logo The Awaken Healing Arts Logo Process   This process began with the need to create a Main Logo for Awaken Healing Arts. We began with a very clear direction in mind and a client [...]

Go Between Solutions Full Branding Process

Go Between Solutions Branding, Logo & Website Process. We were tasked with the full scope branding of Go Between Solutions, a small start-up focused on tech. What this required was starting from scratch to come up with not only the colors, shapes, fonts and a flashy website, but to cohesively tie everything together into a [...]

True Mint Blueprints Emblem Design Process

Here is the end result of this design process. 3 True Mint Blueprints Logos. Emblem Logo Wordmark Logo Letter-Mark Logo The True Mint Blueprints Emblem and Logo Process.   This process began with the desire to create a Main Logo. We began with no idea what we wanted. Normally we start with sketches and ideas [...]


articles about design

Website Optimization

Website Optimization At True Mint Blueprints we believe Website Optimization is different then SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is ultimately different then an SEO campaign. We also feel both Website and Search Engine Optimization are different then ranking in Google, Bing and Yandex searches. The reality is to rank in Google for most industries and [...]

Types of Logo’s

We at True Mint Blueprints believe there are 6 types of logos. In creating this article to help clients we ultimately paraphrased two articles. These articles are referenced at the bottom of the page. They seem to think there are either 5 or 7. The information they provide is helpful and informative and sound and [...]


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Yessssssss, So great!




Kelly CHashai

Down To Earth

You certainly know what you are doing, very modern look.



Just want to share some feedback I have from a number of friends who looked at your cover design for Windblown & Waving.  Without exception, everyone loved your graphic drawing, one person spent 10 minutes telling me what it meant to her in amazing detail.  So this concept works beyond my wildest dreams.

Dvora Levin


i love the logo. its perfect. The website looks fantastic.

Charleigh Dawn Georgia Rose

Awaken Healing Arts

The photos/video look great, thanks again.

Sam Wiria


Wow! Did you ever make some refreshing new covers for the books! Thanks for making the book titles and ergo the covers – something worthy of garnering attention.

Attilla Vincent


You’re the best!



Linda McMinnis

Personal Project