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May 2, 2018 by James Wright

Improve your Business with a True Mint Blueprints Consultation.
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True Mint Blueprints can help you improve your companies digital assets. Get insight into service providers so you never overpay or get screwed again. We can provide you with tips, tricks, industry insight, analysis and more!



“You don’t want to waste time.”

You want to find someone to do something you’d rather not so you can spend time elsewhere doing things you enjoy and are better at. You want this because this gives you a better return on investment, time for other things, or even just a chance to put your feet up and take a break! We can help…


“You are looking for affordable, reliable and timely options.”

You have a budget and other places you need to spend money. You need someone who is worth it to you, who you can trust to get you what you need and when you need it. You have deadlines that need to be met at a price within your budget and don’t want to stress about any of it. We can help…


“You find this kind of stuff challenging and frustrating.”

You aren’t a graphic or web designer by trade. You hate meddling around with Google and Bing Ads. You’d rather not buy all these software programs and rulers and stencils and pencils. You get frustrated, tired, upset and overwhelmed whenever you have to do any of it. We can help…


“You can’t or don’t want to hire an employee.”

You are trying to find ways to scale new or existing business yet can’t quite hire a full time employee. You have some opportunities and need to get more done but just can’t justify hiring an employee. You don’t want to pay for Employee benefits or  provide training or tools but you need someone who can get stuff done as if they work for you. We can help…

“Save Time, Headaches & Money Now, Take Action!”


True Mint Blueprints Specializes in Websites | PPC Management | Print & Digital Design. Most of our services fall into these three categories. Each sub-service is streamlined and specialized. For example while we specialize in Websites, we tend to stick to WordPress. When talking about PPC Management, we generally use Google Ads. Each skill we develop is married with its own in-house “method”, a clear step by step process that helps to deliver consistent and effective results.


website upgrades/redesigns
landing pages


advertising print
advertising digital
novel covers
landscape design


adwords campaigns
pay per click campaigns
bing campaigns
introductory keyword analysis
full keyword analysis
website analysis



    review rating 5  True Mint Blueprints did an amazing job on my book of poetry, not only in layout and copyediting, but most importantly coming up with an insightful cover that gave deeper meaning to the poems. In addition, they worked in consultation with me throughout, the whole process taking 4 months, unheard of in the publishing world. I have recommended them to other poets on their way to publishing.

    thumb Dvora Levin

    review rating 5  They helped me revise and improve elements of book along with handling my website needs, and did it all with class and professionalism. Highly recommend True Mint Blueprints. Barry Casson c.s.c.

    thumb Barry Casson

    review rating 5  The website designed by True Mint Blueprint is exquisite and highly functional. It displays my art really well. I am also as pleased with the logo that this company designed for me. It depicts my personality and art perfectly. I highly recommend True Mint Blueprints for and their work.

    thumb mona mayer

    review rating 5  I needed a new LOGO and a simple website. The website mostly for customers and clients to contact me online as opposed to hoping to find new ones or sell things.The LOGO not only exceeded my expectations, True Mint offered us multiple options to choose from and then delivered each one anyways, with no further cost.They also saved us a ton of time and money on our website. We don't use the internet much and nearly 100% of our business is through word of mouth and past clients. We are old school and True Mint set us up well under what others had quoted us and still with the option to make it into a full fledged website in the future if we need to.

    thumb Local Woods

    review rating 5  They have been instrumental in helping us move our business forward. Great communication, attention to detail and overall fantastic value!! Highly recommend!

    thumb Kelly Chashai


Websites, PPC Management, Print & Digital Design can all be complex tasks involving a variety of different steps. These steps can be cumbersome and full of repetitive tasks which can increase people’s chances at losing focus and making errors. To add to this its common for Clients to experience increased stress which can lead to added chaos. To deal with these phenomenon True Mint Blueprints have created an in-house “Design Process”. This Process breaks every project into defined sections, each section has 3 steps. Each step clearly defines and outlines the specific period of a project and helps to provide guidelines to follow. This has decreased chaos and mistakes and helped streamline projects. These improvements have helped to lower the time spent and ultimately increase ROI for our clients and customers.

  • True Mint Blueprints

    Design Process

    A process is defined as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. We felt it important to come up with our own design process. Because the Design Process can be chaotic and scattered, especially when intermingled with daily life and business, we have analyzed and broken down the

  • Step 1

    ask | meet | research

    It all starts with hello. It then begins once we meet. When the meeting is finished and we understand the problem, we leave to do our research.

  • Step 2

    analyze | identify | define

    With the proper research done we can analyze. Analyzing helps to find problems, which we then identify. After the problems have been identified, we define them.  

  • Step 3

    imagine | plan | visualize

    After we define the strategy we can begin to imagine the possibilities. A good imagination helps to provide the best ideas to help plan. A solid plan helps to visualize the best ideas in the greatest detail.

  • Step 4

    create | design | develop

    Good visualizations help us to create better drawings and sketches. With plenty of sketch ideas we can then enhance them in the design stage. Once we are satisfied with our design we then develop it to finished standards.

  • Step 5

    test | evaluate | improve

    After we develop we test. With the test results we can then evaluate. After evaluation we improve.

  • Step 6

    decide | deliver | launch

    A design is never finished until we decide. It becomes set in motion when we deliver. And it is then finalized when we launch.

Learn More About Our Design Process Here


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