Book Publishing

“Book Publishing”

We specialize in helping author’s and writers Publish their Physical and Digital works.

We are easy to work with, friendly and open to most content. We rarely reject work based on the content or our opinion or judgment of it.

We are fast, yet provide quality results. You don’t have to wait for 6 months to years in order to get your work Published.

We edit, format, design, print and help distribute. We believe in clean and modern design based off of traditional techniques and approaches.

We provide shipping and handling and a secure store and checkout for all of our clients books. Our percentage is one of the lowest in the industry.

We are able to help make your works available through certain channels and stores for both Print and Digital.*

We create all of our book covers in house using various techniques. We follow a design process and aim to not only wow the reader, but to provide deeper imagery that best reflects and communicates the works message. This isn’t something you pay extra for, we provide it within our quote. We do our best to accommodate all budgets.

We will put our own ISBN # on it and our branded stamp of approval, helping to ensure you have the best chances regardless your marketing budget or desire to promote and advertise it.

*Please note that these stores often take large percentages and most you are able to sign up with yourself. We help those who are either uncomfortable doing it themselves or otherwise don’t want to.

“Why Choose Us?” We offer a special more personal service and ensure your work gets finished to the highest standards.

We work with you and help you through the perilous World of Publishing.

We won’t reject your work* and we are faster and more affordable then most of the competition.

It adds credibility to your work.

While DIY can save you money, if you don’t already know how to do everything involved, you will waste a lot of time and possibly spend a lot of money in the process. The result is often less then professional, frustrating and not the biggest money saver.

We don’t just slap our designs and books together, we take care to create meaningful designs that help to communicate the message of your work.

We provide shipping and handling as well an online area for you to help sell and market your work. This comes with secure and safe checkout and https/ssl certification for credit cards and other online payment options. Our percentages are some of the best in the industry.

While there are other companies who offer similar services albeit not quite the same, we are able to offer and provide a more involved process for clients as opposed to just cold online boxes and FAQ help sections.

*We are not able to Publish works such as how to make bombs and tips for terrorism.

Why get a quote?

While it is true that traditional Publishing often includes sending manuscripts to be accepted, its also true that it still costs you money. Sometimes you don’t pay up front, many times however these Publishers will have you purchase the print books, and usually at a higher cost per book. They also take money every-time you sell something. These Publishers can take 6-12 Months just to get back to you let alone get your important work finished and available Globally.

We offer faster and better service, include the author more in the process, don’t up charge for printed books and only take a small percentage when we handle the shipping and handling through our online store.

Please get in touch today to see how quick, easy and affordable we can get you Published and Printed.