Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

At True Mint Blueprints we believe Website Optimization is different then SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is ultimately different then an SEO campaign. We also feel both Website and Search Engine Optimization are different then ranking in Google, Bing and Yandex searches. The reality is to rank in Google for most industries and keywords requires a serious dedicated campaign that encompasses more then just your Website. User Experience is another website design area and general technique that is slightly different then Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization. While these three all have similarities and oftentimes contain similar steps, they all have different steps and ultimately desired outcomes.

Fear not if you are worried about added costs, Website Optimization, SEO and User Experience are all encompassed, at some level, within True Mint Blueprints Website Design.

This article focuses on Website Optimization. SEO is something we include in our Website Design however is not a service to rank you in Google. It is a service designed to give you the optimal chances, and to set your site up, for ranking in Google or Bing.

Here is an example in a tag cloud of different things involved in actually attempting to rank your page

Search Engine Optimization

Website Optimization is something entirely different then what could be included within the above tag cloud and SEO. Website Optimization is equally, if not more important, as the design and visual appeal of your site. Without it you will have no chance to rank in Google consistently, effectively and in many cases, at all. Without good design however you will have little to no chance to create a positive experience for visitors. Without optimization you might not even get the chance to show your website off to any visitor, as some will click away within seconds. A good balance of marriage of the two will give you the best overall chances.

It can be difficult to see the forest through the trees and ultimately we have to balance and weigh every decision we make. While Google ranking is important, the Design must always take precedent and come first. While speed is of critical importance it still has to be weighed within the overall plan and intent of the site.

We prefer to focus initially on the Design, making our decisions with that in mind. Once the design is complete then the optimization can happen. It is easier and takes significantly less time if we go in this order. We find it better to work in this manner and ultimately achieve better overall results.

Website Optimization isn’t only about Ranking in searches and ranking in searches is more then just sweet optimization. It takes a whole package of different things in order to rank and sometimes depending on the area or desired thing to rank for, infeasible and essentially impossible, at least long-term. Website optimization is about streamlining and organizing everything. It is about making your site faster and make it more attractive to search engines and some of their ranking calculators.

Therefore all these decisions are balanced and weighed based upon the sites intention and the owners desire. The balance becomes a constant tug of war between what we want to display to the people viewing and what we want search engines and networks to see and compute.

Too much focus on design often leaves a bloated and slow website that ultimately turns viewers away. Too much focus on making Google like your page will result in a page that could lack good design and take the focus away from the intent of the owner and the website. Both are counter-intuitive to the ultimate results desired.

As an example we wanted to share a couple optimizations we did on our Owners personal website Justin Mayer and our Parents Website Sage Hedge Inc.

The look of the sites did not change, their performance and how they are seen by search engines did.

We started by running a few tests.

We will begin with the personal siteĀ  and share the results of a GTMetrix test.

The first time we ran the scan we came back with these results:

Pagescore F28% – YSlow D66% – Fully Loaded Time 2.7s – Total Page Size – 3.66MB – Requests 119

Those results won’t work.

The average scores based on every test they’ve done are:

Pagescore 70% – YSlow 68% – Fully Loaded Time 7.3s – Total Page Size – 2.74MB – Requests 89

Through some different techniques we were able to get the site to the following score.


Website Optimization

As you can see we are significantly above average!

Now we will share the results of Sage Hedge Inc’s Optimization. We ran tests using 3 different sites.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

As you can see not the best overall. We then went to work to Optimize the website through various techniques.

Here is where we were able to achieve without too much effort. More could be done and possibly will, however these numbers are manageable. At some point it becomes overkill and might find yourself focusing on test sites and their numbers, instead of the design, the plan and your visitors experiences. It is important to know, and remember, that these tests are just to give you an idea and a direction. They also tell you where your score suffers and what can be done to improve the score. Not always are the changes the best thing for the website and sometimes can create situations where websites don’t work effective, or at all.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

FYI Apples website at the time of this article was Pagescore 82% – YSlow 78% – Fully Loaded Time 1.6s – Total Page Size – 1.06MB – Requests 43.
Apples Googles PageSpeed score is a red “Poor” on Mobile and a yellow 74 “Needs Work” on Desktop.

These scores that we attained through our True Mint Blueprints Website Optimization, are better, and in general, an overall success. Due to various design decisions it can often only be so good. There are also other techniques we have yet to even employ that will likely result in even better scores. Being better then the average across the board is a good start.

If you take a closer look at the second image in the first of the two sequences above, an image of test scores from pingdom, you will see initially a load time of over 7 seconds from Stockholm. If you scroll down to the second sequence of image you will see we improved it to just over 2 seconds from Stockholm.

Sometimes we even see less then 2 seconds, as we do above, on certain tests for the full load time, which is exactly what we want.

This 2 seconds should generally be similar across the Globe and is essential to seeing less people bounce from your site immediately.


Website Optimization is something we include within our design. Guarantees on google ranks or ranking in general is not something included in most website designing and almost always a separate added cost. What we do is get you in the best possible position based on your desires to be able to effectively rank your page and compete in searches. To rank and compete ultimately takes money and a strategy and a larger overall plan. We will make it as fast as possible and optimize it for the present and the future. This will give you the best chance while putting your same good foot forward.

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